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I have arrived at KW Escape 1 hour before my interview. I asked to use the restroom, but decided to snoop around instead. I opened a door to a room with multiple exits. Hmmm, I wonder where these doors lead to? OH NO! The door behind me has slammed shut and I can't seem to get it open. These doors are all locked, how do I get out? I have to get back to the lobby for my interview, I really need this job! I think I can share a Zoom meeting with you and your team and I've also figured out how to share photos. I could really use your help!

  • Players can complete Part 1 or 2 in any order
  • Accommodates 1-8 players.
  • Players can participate from multiple locations. Please ensure you have access to reliable internet.
  • $75CAD + HST per game.
  • Private games, suitable for all ages.
  • Players are NOT playing on-site; they will play this game from home via video chat.
  • You will guide KW Escape's interviewee (one of our staff members) using Zoom; players will see what she sees.
  • You will need a device that can access Zoom. Please download Zoom in advance (https://zoom.us/).
  • We recommend that you use two devices; one device for Zoom and another device to follow our 360° view of the room.
  • Games are in Eastern Standard Time.
  • Please provide the email addresses for all players upon booking your game.

Road Trip! We are creating a series of online car quest puzzle hunts to take you virtually across Canada! Our first quest, The Purple Car Quest, will take you through our Western provinces! Starting in Ontario, you will use Google, Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Image Search, and various websites to travel all the way to British Columbia and back again!

  • Accommodates one household. $15CAD per household.
  • Must be played on a laptop or computer.
  • When booking, select any time/date and pay for one participant.
    • The Car Quest can be played at any time/date
      regardless of the time/date chosen when booking.
  • Hints and solutions are available in envelopes along the way and can be used as needed.
  • Family-friendly experience.
  • Can be completed at your own pace.


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KW Escape’s COVID Kindness Contest

The amount of COVID-19 coverage is astounding. Updates on closures, new public health protocols, and stories of long lineups to buy groceries are flooding our news feeds.

Many news outlets have begun to feature the positive, kind tales happening within our community. At KW Escape, we want to help spread this kindness and positivity!

Perhaps you have discovered a new hobby, you’ve found a green thumb and want to share a photo of your garden. Maybe you’ve been able to witness your toddler meet new milestones, or you and your family have explored a new game. Some have caught up on renovations, transforming their “isolation space” into something new. Did your dog learn a new trick? Have you found beauty in the world around you? We want to see your photos, we want to share them with others!

To be entered into our draw for a FREE GAME for 4 check out our social media pages