Teamwork is the Key to KW Escape!

Challenging Puzzles and Activities

Individuals can look at problems from different perspectives and think outside the box. Each member of the team will use their strengths, alongside their colleagues, to collaborate and escape successfully within the time limit!

Book Your Corporate Event

Corporate team building events for more than 16 people can be booked by calling us at (519) 746-4111. We also have a 25' x 23' party room that can be reserved before or after for lunches, debriefings, and meetings for up to 30 people. You are welcome to bring food in or have it delivered to add to your event.

Plan Your Corporate Event

We have ample room for up to 108 people in our facility. You may choose from several options for your corporate event:

KW Escape Game

Up to eight people work together to complete a game.

KW Competition

Two groups of five to eight players will race against each other to complete a game. Each team plays for 30 minutes in separate halves of the game towards the middle door. When they finish, we reset the rooms and teams swap sides of the game to finish the battle!

KW Contest

Three or four groups of 6-8 people compete in a round-robin against each other.

As three groups - two groups compete head-to-head in the escape game, while the third group works on a 30-minute WhoDunnit activity. All groups rotate every 30 minutes until each has completed 60 minutes in the escape game and 30 minutes in the WhoDunnit activity.

As four groups - two groups compete head-to-head in the escape game, while the third group works on a 30-minute WhoDunnit activity and the fourth group participates in Minute-to-win-it games. All groups rotate every 30 minutes until each has completed 60 minutes in the escape game, 30 minutes in the WhoDunnit activity, and 30 minutes participating in the Minute-to-win-it games.

KW Collaboration Escape

Teams of 2-12 people are divided evenly and split up to begin the game. Working as a team will bring the two groups back together to complete the game.


3-16 participants - $27/participant +HST
17+ participants - $25/participant +HST

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing regulations, we are offering Live Virtual Escape Games to our corporate guests.
Our Live Virtual Escape Game Experiences can accommodate 20-96 participants. Live Virtual Escape Games are not available for teams smaller than 20 participants.
To book a virtual experience or for more information,
please contact us at 519-746-4111 or

Live Virtual Escape Rooms

Using Zoom or Google Meet, you and your team work together to help one of our staff members escape one of our four virtual escape rooms. Positioned in the physical space, our staff will listen to your every command, acting as your hands to unlock locks and solve puzzles!

Groups of up to 96 participants can be accommodated for in a Virtual KW Contest event.
A Virtual KW Contest gives groups of 30+ participants a 60-minute escape room experience and a 60-minute WHODUNNIT Murder Investigation.

Purple is the New Black_WEB

Purple is the New Black

The newest inmate of KW Correctional Facility has been wrongfully convicted. They snuck their phone in and created a Zoom meeting for you and your team. The warden has taken his lunch. You must help them escape from prison before the warden returns in 60 minutes! Will you find their way to freedom or will they remain there for life?

EXITS 1.0 and EXITS 2.0

KW Escape's newest interviewee has arrived for their interview. They asked to use the restroom, but decided to snoop around instead. They opened a door to a room with multiple exits that all seem to be a different theme. OH NO! The door behind them slams shut and they can't seem to get it open. The doors are all locked, how will they get out? Their interview starts in 60 minutes, can you and your team help them find the correct exit in time?

Live Virtual Escape Room Pricing

20-30 participants - $25/participant +HST
31+ participants - $20/participant +HST

Up to 12 participants can play the same game at the same time.